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8 thoughts on “ Way Out - Junior (105) - This Tape Sucked Anyways (Cassette)

  • Reading up junior gearing it seems that the ratio is limited. couldn't you use a conventional cassette and just use a smaller chainring to limit the gearing – Kibbee Sep 15 '14 at That would give you lower gearing, but I don't know if its a faux pas or not allowed or something.
  • That’s how cassettes die. Beyond a certain point, there is no hope. Here’s why cassettes suck. Compared to CDs, vinyl and MP3s, they sound awful. There’s nothing romantic about poor frequency response and tape hiss. After a while, the glue holding the metal particles on the tape dries out and they fall off, taking sound with them.
  • May 24,  · I know a cassette player is way out of date, but there isn't an auxiliary port for me to connect my MP3 player or phone to and theres nothing wrong with the CD player or the rest of the radio and i'd rather leave it stock anyways so changing the radio it out of the question unless I .
  • Cassette to MP3 Converter, BlumWay Portable Cassette Recorder Player, Audio Music Cassette Tape to Digital Converter Player with Earphone, No Need Computer out of 5 stars $ $
  • Orindal Joy Void Pop Wig Triple-B Lockin' Out Exploding In Sound Memory Music Lame-O. View Cart. Cassette Shop Advance Base Animal Companionship Thank Your Lucky Stars Cassette Tape. Add to Cart + Beach Slang A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings Cassette Tape. Add to Cart +.
  • May 21,  · Yes, audio cassettes are notorious for wearing out and failing over time! Many a cassette player has “eaten” tapes, rendering them (and the player) hopelessy ruined or jammed. It’s quite likely, after a bit of play time on a cassette player, a tape will show signs of sticking, jamming or other type of symptom.
  • Jan 13,  · Vintage tape recorder plays the tape inserted therein. Audio cassette rotates inside the recorder. Man presses a finger on the Recorder control buttons (play, .
  • A cassette you could even slam on a tiled floor (kids love that when they’re cross) – nothing happened. The only damage you could make to a cassette is get the tape recorder into a kind of “jam”, so that the naked tape got tangled inside. When untangled, sound remained a little musty at that position ;) Today, kids get stuff on CD.
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